The Rapid Roof Remover® works great for flooring removal too!    


Removing carpet or wood glued to concrete is a difficult job, but with the Rapid Roof Remover® you’ll have no problem levering these off of concrete.  Also, works great removing ceramic tile on dura sheet, linoleum glued to luan - just set the blade under the flooring to be removed.

We had one contractor estimate it would take three workers eight hours each to complete the ceramic tile removal of a large kitchen floor.  Using the Rapid Roof Remover® two workers completed the job in under three hours. 


An 18” toothed blade is available for smaller areas, as well as a 4” beveled blade for the removal of hardwood glued to concrete.

Watch a short video clip of the Rapid Roof Remover® removing five layers of old flooring.  The Rapid Roof Remover® can significantly reduce your labor costs for flooring removal.

Rapid Roof Remover®

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