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Frequently Asked Questions

How many layers does it work on? 

The Rapid Roof Remover® has removed up to five layers, including the fasteners, in one pass.

Is it fast? 

The Rapid Roof Remover® can remove a square of multilayered shingles in three to five minutes.  One crew of three removed 30 squares in 40 minutes going across on a 4/12 pitch roof.

How much does it weigh? 

The Rapid Roof Remover® weighs 56 pounds with the 30” blade attached.

​What equipment do I need? 

The Rapid Roof Remover® runs on a standard compressor.  We recommend an eight gallon and above or dual tank.  The PSI should be between 110 and 120.

What pitch does it work on? 

You can use the Rapid Roof Remover® on any walkable pitch.  With a 4/12 or less you can run it horizontal. The recommended maximum pitch is 10/12 with a tie-off line.

What is the warranty?

The Rapid Roof Remover® comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase, including blades.


What comes with the machine?

The Rapid Roof Remover® comes with a 30” tear-off blade, lubricating oil, extra filter element for the in-line filter and an instructional DVD.


What assembly is required?

The Rapid Roof Remover® comes fully assembled in the shipping box except for the 30” tear-off blade, which attaches easily with two half inch bolts (included).


What other accessories are available? 

We offer a double hooked 25’ tie-off line, an adjustable, reusable bracket, an 18” toothed blade and a 4” beveled blade.


What are the smaller blades for? 

The 18” blade is for roofs with sway between the trusses, or for flooring removal in a restricted area.  The 4” blade is for the removal of hardwood glued to concrete.


How much is shipping? 

The cost of shipping is determined by your zip code.  We ship via R&L Freight.  We can ship two machines in the same box at no additional shipping cost.

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