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Click play to see the Rapid Roof Remover® in action!
Rapid Roof Remover pneumatic shingle removal tool

U.S. Pat. No. 7,313,985

Save time, money and effort! With a blade width of 30" and weight of only 56 lbs., this machine will drastically reduce the back-breaking labor of shingle removal. When used on a shingled roof, the unique design of the tear-off blade also removes most of the fasteners, saving the extra time needed to "prep" the area to be resurfaced.

By bringing up the shingles or flooring in such a manner that even multiple layers peel off the surface in a single pass, the end result is larger sections being brought up at once. This helps in the removal of debris - again saving valuable time.

The Rapid Roof Remover® requires no adjustments or changes when switching between roofing and flooring removal. An 18" toothed blade, as well as a 4" beveled blade (for the removal of hardwood flooring glued to concrete), are also available.

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